New beginnings

We’re relocating our shop in Perth. I normally work in our Crieff branch but as of September I’ll be through in our new location in Perth once a week too. I was through visiting the new location this morning, Karen (the boss/owner) was like a kid at Christmas and her excitement was contagious. I think everyone relishes the challenge of a new project and this new shop is definitely an interesting project.

I don’t think this is really like my regular blog entries but I felt the need to say something about what’s happening where I work and how I fit into this. Also this excitement at something new is slightly relevant to my last blog post. Here is an example of being faced with something new, an opportunity for change and it’s exciting. We’ve set a deadline of opening in the middle of September so it’s also a little daunting but overall everyone at Fun Junction is completely stoked about it. We’ve all been for a visit to the new location, a lovely shop in great need of some TLC: dusty floorboards and tattered old shelves are transforming before our eyes and every space in the shop brings forth a debate about what will be done with it. Ideas are pouring out left right and centre, it’s a really freeing experience, we’re all getting the chance to influence how the business will look to the rest of the world.

Hopping off the bus in Crieff I was hit with the sobering reality of our wee Crieff shop, much smaller than it’s sister in Perth and already set up and running. However, what this shop does have is an amazing rich fan base of regular customers, familiar faces, and a host of children that we’ve seen go from preschoolers to pre-teens. It’s a funny contrast going from new open possibilities to established familiar (and kind of comforting) routine. To be honest I can’t complain at all, this way I get the best of both worlds. Every week I’m going to get the opportunity to contribute to a brand new store dynamic through in Perth whilst also getting to enjoy the comfort of the Crieff shop. Not to mention getting to be there at the foundation of our web store which, thanks to the awesomely huge office space in the new shop, we will be able to dedicate more time and effort to and hopefully see it grow as a result.

Sorry that this post went a little off the usual kinds of topic but I just wanted to share some of the excitement round. As usual I welcome any feedback (especially any ideas for what we can do in the new shop). Thanks for reading.


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