Never too late to ask

This post comes with a disclaimer: I’ll give everyone a bit of prior warning, in this post I will mention a particular famous December event repeatedly and with abandon, if you are at all of a nervous disposition about the early discussion of a particular December holiday I would recommend reading this post at a later date. With that out of the way, on with the po-ho-ho-st.

A quick little facebook back and forth with my sister the other day got me thinking about what adults ask for for Christmas. When asked for ideas from friends and family we’ll suggest books, DVDs, perhaps technological stuff (games systems/peripherals/games etc.) or possibly clothes (if we trust the person’s judgement). What we don’t typically ask for are toys and this is kind of sad. Following on from multiple posts I’ve made about how fun (and good for you) it is for an adult to just get lost in play I suggested on my facebook page that we start a trend of asking for a toy for Christmas.

I’m not suggesting we go nuts and ask for huge piles of toys but I definitely think that a fun little thing to play with on Christmas day would just make you feel more Christmassy. We all remember spending Christmas morning unpacking and enjoying a long awaited toy as children, Christmas and toys just go together. Christmas is typically regarded as a time for children and I would have to agree that it’s hard to enjoy the magic of Christmas in quite the way that a child can. However, with a toy in hand on Christmas morning we could easily let ourselves regress a little and get swept up in the magic too.

As a man I think I’m already half the way there. The kind of things guys ask for at Christmas are basically toys anyway, we ask for gadgets in the attempt to disguise our desire for toys, the truth is we just want something frivolous and silly that we can play with. Why not just end the charade and admit what it is that you really want: a Meccano set with a motor, a hot-wheels ramp set or perhaps a figure of your favourite superhero.

Why don’t we all try and get a share in the magic of Christmas? It won’t detract from your own child’s enjoyment of the day (and they’ll probably end up inheriting the toy after Christmas day anyway) and instead of fussing about Christmas dinner being done in time etc. you can take a half hour to enjoy Christmas for what it’s supposed to be: a holiday with a hint of wonder and excitement (if Christmas dinner is a half hour late it’s hardly the end of the world).

I’m suggesting this right now because this should give us all enough notice to make it known that we would all like a toy for Christmas. Pass on a not-so-subtle hint to friends/family by means of a picture or link to a particular toy that takes your fancy, perhaps post it on facebook or e-mail it round (or maybe hide an image of and some other hints at things you might like in your blog). Even better try and remember a toy that you always wanted as a child and never got, what better way to get some closure and have some fun all at the same time?

I’m considering turning this into a bit of a campaign on facebook so leave a comment if you’re on-board with the idea so I can get an idea of whether it’s worth putting together a facebook page for it. Thanks for reading and apologies for using the C word in August, you can blame my mum she used it first.

Update: I’ve now set up the facebook group for this, click on the link here.


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