How far should we take pretending?

breast milk dollOK just a quick one, I just came across the web site for the new ‘Breast Feeding Baby Doll’ by Berjuan dolls and I genuinely don’t know how I feel about it. On one hand our kids were both breast fed so it would be what a child in our family would be used to. However, my gut reaction is that the image of a wee girl pretending to breast feed looks a bit odd to me, almost like growing up too fast and the image of a wee boy doing so is even more peculiar (having to tell the wee guy that he’ll never be able to do that would also be a bit sad). Have a look at the web site and make your own decisions, I have to say it’s been handled fairly tactfully with flowers representing the ‘nipples’, plus the the wee apparatus that the girls put on to ‘feed’ their dolly doesn’t really resemble breasts as such. However, I can see this being a controversial toy and probably one with people at either end of the extreme and I’d love to hear people’s thoughts in the comments section, either here or on the Fun Junction facebook page. Thanks for reading, Cheers, John

Update: thought I’d add this poll to get an idea of what you guys think


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