What would you like to know about toys?

Found this image of a brilliantly retro toy typewriter at http://www.etsy.com/listing/88544444/tomys-tutor-typer-vintage-toy-typewriter

It looks as though I’ll be getting the chance to write about toys for a local newspaper! (I don’t often use exclamation marks but it feels appropriate here) The thing I’m wondering about is what kind of things the general public will want to hear about in relation to toys.  I’m personally pretty familiar with toy news since the shop has a subscription to a toy industry magazine (‘Toys n Playthings‘) which I read through each month to keep track of what’s happening in our industry. The thing is toys aren’t everyone’s industry and the kind of thing I hear about in these magazines probably won’t appeal to the general public too well. This leaves me in a quandary; I have access to a whole mound of information each month about the toy industry and all the things that could be associated with toys and I will now have to sift through it to put together a (hopefully entertaining) 300-450 word monthly article that readers will enjoy.

toys-genderI’m inclined to think that topics like ‘gender in toys‘, ‘the appropriate age for kids to stop playing‘ (that is, never, in my opinion) and ‘pocket money toys‘ might work well since they are things that many people can relate to and should hopefully get me some feedback here (I’m hoping to get a link to this blog in each article I write). However, I could easily be wrong. Are people more inclined to want to know about new releases in the toy industry or information about which toy companies are doing well and which aren’t, or even simply reports on toy brands or specific toys that have really impressed me in some way?

commentsThis is a fairly short one this week, I’m really just trying to fish for feedback from readers to see what toy topics you might be interested in. My first article should appear in the Strathallan times sometime in the next few weeks, for anyone in the Strathallan area. As usual comments are very welcome, just click on the box at the bottom under ‘leave reply’ and let rip. Once again thanks for reading, Cheers, John


5 comments on “What would you like to know about toys?

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    Today, it seems like toys are growing less appreciated and more underutilized as sparks for the imagination and social development. Am I wrong? Whenever I think about my “Six Million Dollar Man” action figure (I’m a guy, remember, so it was NOT a doll), and my Big Jim collection, I still feel like a kid. It seems fewer and fewer kids are connecting with toys in that way, which is a real shame. If you tell me I’m wrong, I will be extremely happy.


  2. John says:

    Hi Ned, thanks for the feedback, The media portrayal of kids in general paints them as technology obsessed mini adults who couldn’t care less about what you or I might call ‘toys’. However, my experience in the shop (and as a parent) is thankfully very different. Of course technology has changed playing habits but kids still love action figures, pretend play etc. In fact static plastic figures (no moving parts) from companies like Schleich and Papo are consistently some of the most popular toys in our shop. I wrote a post a while ago about my son’s favourite character toys you can find it here: https://johnthetoyshopguy.wordpress.com/2012/06/16/pocket-money/ You might also appreciate a really striking set of photos themed around beloved toys that a friend brought to my attention recently which can be found here: http://www.featureshoot.com/2013/03/photos-of-children-from-around-the-world-with-their-most-prized-possessions/


  3. Rohit says:

    Such a nice blog and have best content. Thanks for sharing.



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