Toys for Easter

Easter toysThere’s a fairly clear new trend starting to arise at Easter; children are starting to receive a toy instead of the traditional egg. Let’s leave to one side, at the outset of this post, any notions about the ‘real’ meaning of Easter and the role (or lack of it) that either chocolate or toys can play in this, though it could clearly be worthy of discussion I’m not doing that here (this is a toy blog, I’m not getting into religious debate if I can help it). The real motivation for this move to giving toys seems to stem from a mixture of the desire to give a child something at Easter combined with the worry that that a gift of a chocolate egg could add to an already burgeoning supply of food set to throw the hyperactivity of kids through the roof. No one wants to be responsible for hyperactive children on Easter Sunday so this new trend of toys for Easter has developed.

51gNb2BF8fL._SL500_SS500_Playmobile-Easter-Eggs-540x260As someone whose livelihood depends on people buying toys I have to say I’m all for anything that encourages people to buy toys.  However I should also point out that as a parent I can’t see anything wrong with it either. My sons are 2 and 4 and there is no way I’ll be giving them more than one Easter egg worth of chocolate to eat on the day, this means that any other eggs will either get distributed through the following weeks or eaten by me or my wife. This doesn’t seem fair, I’d much rather they got to enjoy their presents without rationing or distributing bits of them off and this lies at the core of my reasons for wholeheartedly supporting the new move to toys as an alternative to chocolate eggs.

My boys both love chocolate and I’m not going to deny them an Easter egg but I’ll be very pleased if some of the gifts that come their way aren’t of the chocolate variety. I suppose there’s something strange at work here, surely we should be grateful for any gift we receive? I should probably point out that while I love getting gifts as much as the next person I am also the kind of person who does look a gift horse in the mouth, having received many gifts that really didn’t keep on giving (to put it kindly), I’ll happily call in a vet to give that ‘gift-horse’ a thorough once over before I accept it. Some gifts may have a lovely thought behind them yet still be either highly inappropriate or just downright useless (what child actually needs their body weight in chocolate?). So yes I am hoping for a reduction in chocolate gifts, though I haven’t gone so far as to tell people this, I’ll just use this  post as a passive aggressive means of doing that instead.


My attempt to be arty with my egg a few years ago

Dragon egg

Don’t really get time for this kind of thing on Easter now (with the kids running about)

Eggs will still feature in our Easter celebrations, like most other families we’ll be painting boiled eggs and then rolling down the hill at the park, though this year Logan and Mummy are off at a Birthday party at the Zoo during the day so we’ll maybe have to delay our rolling till the evening. However, the day will not be ending with a couple of sickly kids, stuffed with chocolate and hypered out.

What are your thoughts on this new trend? Is chocolate actually any more ‘Eastery’ than a toy? What would you prefer to get on Easter yourself? Once again thanks for reading, Cheers, John


4 comments on “Toys for Easter

  1. ksbeth says:

    i think easter, and really any sort of celebration, lends itself to giving/sharing whatever will be the recipient joy. while i am the first one to advocate for chocolate, i’m not adverse to toys, as they are the gift that keeps on giving. thanks for reading my blog too, i look forward to reading more from you –


  2. John says:

    Think you’re right, any celebration brings with it a tendency to pass on gifts. It feels nice to give someone something that makes them happy, whether it’s the quick fix of chocolate or as you put it a ‘gift that keeps on giving’ like a toy. For non-wordpressers (who can’t get directly to her blog from her comment) Beth (above) writes a great blog with loads of funny bits over here, it’s got a bit of everything in it, well worth a look:


    • ksbeth says:

      hi john – so kind of you to share my blog address and for your kind endorsement and glad you are enjoying it. i happen to personally love toys, i collect sock monkeys, simple board games, (candyland, etc.), some vintage toys, and love to play with my class (kindergarten) and my 6 grandchildren (9 mos to age 5), which helps give me a reason to have more toys around. my daughter once told me to read eccentric director john waters’ book because he is a toy lover/collector as well, and said it reminded her of me. i took it as a compliment )


  3. […] on the rise; people are buying toys/gifts for Easter instead of the traditional chocolate eggs. Last year I talked about this trend and it seems to be showing no signs of stopping. The latest thing I’ve noticed is that toy […]


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