The Toy Testers test: Orchard toys ‘Baa Baa’ and ‘Pirate Shapes’

This is a new addition to my blog, from now on, along with my regular blog posts, I’ll be posting video reviews of products with the boys (Logan, who is 4 and Alexander who is 2). They had a great time making this one and Logan in particular is loving his new ‘job’ as a ‘toy tester’. Orchard toys sent me a couple of games, both newly released this year: ‘Baa Baa’ which is a colour matching game for 2 to 4 players aimed at children of 3 and up (though as you can see Alexander managed OK with a bit of help), and ‘Pirate Shapes’ which is for 2-4 players and is aimed at 2 1/2 years and up (I thought the 1/2 was a bit odd but seeing Alexander playing it kind of made sense).

Colour recognition game orchard toys

You can find ‘Baa Baa’ here

‘Baa Baa’ looks set to be a really helpful aid in getting Alexander more accustomed to colours, which up to now he’s been having a little trouble with. It was easy to unpack with only a couple of minor difficulties when getting the sheep pieces out of the backing board. As I said in the video though, the pieces themselves were well glued and the damage was to the backing board: as I popped a few of the pieces out some paper from the backing board came off to, not a major criticism and to be honest it’s the only complaint I could come up with about the production quality. In terms of playability it was easy to get started and both the boys enjoyed using the spinner (though it was a little fiddly for Alexander’s wee hands he managed fine). To play you pop all the sheep pieces in the middle of the table (in our case the floor) and you each take a turn at using the spinner, the spinner will land on a colour and from here it works a little like bingo/lotto: if the colour on the spinner is the same as the one on your board you take a piece and fill the space, there is the possibility of spinning an ‘any colour’ in which case you choose your own, also you can only use one colour per space. The winner is the first to fill their board with sheep. As I said in the video, the game may not appeal to kids that are a lot older than Logan (he’s nearly 5), but to be honest big brothers/sisters of 7/8 years+ won’t mind helping a younger sibling to learn their colours. Overall it’s a great early colour recognition game and I’ll definitely be using it to help Alexander get ahead on his colours.

The next game we tried ‘Pirate shapes’ is aimed at a slightly younger starting audience and Alexander instantly took to it. He’s a big fan of puzzles so it was no surprise that he was excited to pop the shapes in place and it was a great game for helping him understand about turns (always a difficult one with toddlers). The game is well made and the boards have a nice robust feel, despite the fact that they’re full of holes the boards don’t seem to show any weak points, though this is hard to be sure of in a first play I’m fairly certain this game will weather well (I’ll obviously update this description if it doesn’t weather as well as I thought). It’s a 2-4 player game for 2 1/2 years plus and though the half year confused me at first, once we got playing it started to make sense: Alexander is nearly two and a half and he’s just starting to show the fine motor and shape recognition skills you need to play this game. Each player gets a board with cut out shapes missing from each picture and the object of the game is to find the your missing shape. There is a circle, a square, a triangle, a rectangle, a half circle and an oval missing from each picture and the missing pieces are place face down in the centre of the table/floor. If someone else turns over a shape that fits into your picture you need to remember where that is and pick it up when it’s your turn. ‘Pirate Shapes’ is simple and entertaining game which will help your child to develop both memory and shape recognition skills. To be honest it could also double up as a selection of shape puzzles for a wee one to do on their own (Alexander wouldn’t leave his board alone for about 10-20 minutes after we made the video).

Anyway that’s our review of ‘Baa Baa‘ and ‘Pirate Shapes‘ by Orchard Toys, we hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for more from the ‘Toy Testers’ in the near future. Thanks for reading (and watching), Cheers, John


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