Mole’s house Crieff and Imaginative Community

Mole's house Lady Mary's walk Crieff PerthshireI’ve been meaning to post about this for ages. As most of you know I live in Crieff, a little ‘market town’ in Perthshire, Scotland. Down the road from my house is a popular local walk called ‘Lady Mary’s Walk’ and somewhere around half way along this walk is something really special: ‘Mole’s House’. No one I ask seems to know who started this idea but every local parent seems to know about it. Basically at the foot of an old tree in a spot where the bark is less rough someone, some time, decided to paint a door and ‘Mole’s house’ was born. We’ve all donated a wee something there, a well loved toy or something else special for Mole to use or play with. He never seems to be around when you walk by but the kids always stop to look for him and to see what new things mole has collected.

Logan at 'Mole's house' Lady Mary's walk CrieffThis has been going on for years and I’ve been meaning to post about it since I started this blog but it keeps slipping my mind to take a picture when I’m down there with the family. Yesterday I had the day off and on our way round ‘Lady Mary’s walk’ I remembered to pull my camera out so that I could share this wee gem of imagination with you. Logan posed in the picture to the left so he could show off one of his favourite things about the walk. As you can see in the picture Mole has his own house sign and there’s even a wee mole that appeared one day. I suggested that this was Mole but was quickly informed by Logan that it was a toy and that the real Mole must be in bed because he’s ‘nocturnal’ (maybe I watch too many documentaries with him).

If things like ‘Mole’s house’ happened all the time perhaps they would seem less special but I’m inclined to think there’s enough room in a child’s imagination to accommodate a whole host of magic and make-believe. However, the uniqueness, the anonymity of the creator, and the amazing community spirit that keeps it going are all fantastic lessons to introduce your child to. I remember when I went to school in this town a lot of the kids thought of Crieff as a ‘boring’ town but things like Mole’s house show that it’s not. I am happy to say that I live in a town full of artistic people and big kids and long may it continue. If whoever came up with ‘Mole’s house’ ever reads this then thank you from us all for a wonderful lesson in imagination and wonder to present to our children (and don’t be afraid to expand on it, I for one would love to see what else you have to offer).

Short one today, thanks as always for reading. Tell us about anything similar to ‘Mole’s house’ that you’ve come across, or if you’ve been for a visit tell us about your experiences by adding a comment below. Also as a quick reminder, you can follow my block by popping your e-mail address into the box to the right (wordpress and myself have no interest in passing your e-mail address on to third parties). I’ll leave you with a picture of the boys being lions in the grass down by Lady Mary’s yesterday. Cheers, John



2 comments on “Mole’s house Crieff and Imaginative Community

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