A bit of shameless self promotion

An investigation into the good life and how e might achieve it

Apologies for the long absence, I’ve recently been using up all my spare time finishing writing up a book. As some of my readers may know my background is in both toys and in Philosophy, this blog has always been and will continue to be about the toy side of my knowledge base. However, I can’t help spilling into a bit of philosophical discussion every now and then; typically when I look at society’s values or things like the self-image of children. In this post I’m jumping all the way over to the philosophy side.

First off, this book isn’t a mammoth read, I tried to keep things as neat and concise as I could. It could be an interesting alternative to an introduction to philosophy book as it looks at both ancient and very modern positions in philosophy, providing people with a breadth of philosophical history. It doesn’t address every important philosophical question ever posed, but it does cover one or two of the ‘big questions’ as it takes the reader through it’s main topic. The book is about what it is to have a good life, and what kind of activities we might have to participate in in order to achieve this. When I started writing this book I wanted to make sure that the vast array of human capacities and capabilities are at least acknowledged, if not addressed head on. Because of this topics including the nature of mental disability and how it impacts on notions of merit and blame grew to become a steady thread throughout the book.

I like to think that it addresses these issues in the lightest possible manner whilst taking them seriously but I’ll leave it up to readers to decide. It’s available (in English only) in the UK, the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, India, Canada and Brazil. If you choose to get yourself a copy (or even just read a sample) I hope you enjoy it and I hope you take the time to tell me what you think.

Getting back to the topic of toys (ish), I’m considering writing a book for next summer about the way philosophers talk about children (or in many cases, don’t talk about them at all) and also about the kinds of views of the world that children have (what we could probably call the philosophy of children). For the secondary topic of this new book I’d welcome any anecdotes about things kids say about the world and what they think about it, so please pop your stories here in the comments section (you can remain anonymous in the book, or get credit for the story, it’s up to you).

As always, thanks for reading and I promise to get some more toy talk back on here as soon as I can, Cheers, John


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