Fun with lasers


What could make sitting playing puzzles more fun? You guessed it, lasers! Today I added a new product to the Fun Junction web site; ‘Laser maze‘ by Thinkfun. Thinkfun’s puzzles are normally challenging and entertaining but this one stands out as something more. You line up the pieces on the card then you have to figure out how to place other pieces (mirror, beam-splitter, etc.) can be used to direct the laser beam to the target.

I honestly can’t wait to have a go, I definitely know what I’m nominating for the next Fun Junction games night. That said I’m not sure when our next games night will be, the Perth shop has a pretty major leak just now and of course we’re getting ready for Christmas too. I’ll keep you posted.

On a side note, work has started on my book on philosophy and toys, now a couple of chapters in, mainly about the underappreciated role that toys play in shaping who we become. I’d love to hear about your own experiences, if you have anything to share feel free to leave a message below. Just a short wee post today, as always thanks for reading, Cheers, John


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