Entering this millenium: web-sites, ePOS, social media and beyond

this lovely old fashioned sweet shop is called Edward and Vintage and despite appearances they do have a web-site over here: http://www.edwardandvintage.co.uk/

this lovely old fashioned sweet shop is called Edward and Vintage and despite appearances they do have a web-site over here

I’ve been off the radar on here for a while and I feel like I should take a minute to explain myself and tell you a bit about the ‘glamorous’ things I’ve been doing since I last posted. You see we’ve recently decided to implement a new stock management/till system at work, we shopped around a bit and saw loads of solutions that would have cost thousands and finally came across a company called AirPOS who provide a database system etc. to use with your pre-existing hardware.

airpos_header_1_ideaAll you pay is a very small monthly fee for them to host your database and keep your software up to date, you can even pay a bit more (as we have) to get them to provide a web site linked to your stock database, so no more time-consuming stock checks to keep the web-site up-to-date. If we sell a toy in our Crieff shop, nt only does our Perth shop know about it but our web site will also be updated to match the new level, right then and there.

fun junction crieff perth toy shop scotlandThis probably isn’t the most interesting blog post I’ve ever written but the key issue is that once this new system is in place a lot of the Fun Junction crew will have a lot more time to spend on blogs, planning special days in-store, joining in with local events and most importantly we’ll be able to spend more time responding to people both in-store and on social media, meaning we get a better idea about who our customers are and what they want from the shop. We’re even looking into setting up a pinterest account (showing off our creative sides).

I have to keep reminding myself of all of this because our days at work currently consist of feverishly trying to input all of the 9000 odd toys, games, puzzles and craft kits that we stock at Fun Junction. I’ve decided I can’t let my blog disappear in amongst this though so I’ll write up as many posts as I can on nights like this when I’ve got time to myself (kids in bed, wife not home from work yet). I hope you don’t lose interest and that you’ll take time to comment so that I’ve got someone to chat to when I’m sitting here writing on my lonesome. Wish us luck with our new system and thanks again for reading, all the best, John


2 comments on “Entering this millenium: web-sites, ePOS, social media and beyond

  1. ksbeth says:

    you’ve been busy and welcome back )


  2. John says:

    Thanks Beth, yes I have been (and still am). Lots of stock to put out today (starting to get new stock in again) and lots more product scanning. Seems never-ending but as I said in my post I’m hoping it’ll be worth it in the long run. Sometime soon I’m going to be converting this blog to a paid version and at that point I’ll be popping our web site inside it as a new page so that people can have a look at all the toys I’ve been talking about (and maybe buy some if they feel inclined). Watch this space… 🙂


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