‘Love bombing’


Credit ‘Tesa

I came across the term ‘love bombing‘ the other day and despite a slightly ‘faddish’ feel it instantly made sense to me. Logan has recently been having problems at school, he’s been telling me that he has trouble joining in with other kids’ games and when I press it further it becomes pretty clear that he doesn’t like to do what they want.

I’m thinking this is a desire for control. I can see why this might be, since Christmas things seem to have gotten more hectic than usual at home, and family time is very much split across the desires of both our boys. Alexander is becoming more autonomous, assertive and self-aware, he won’t just do what Logan asks any more. I can see how this might make make Logan yearn for some control in his life and this is where ‘love bombing’ comes in. On Sunday Mum and Dad are going to divide and conquer.

love day simpsonsFor about 2 hours each child will have one-on-one time and then we’ll swap (if the boys want to). We’d planned this anyway but adding the ‘love bombing’ element may help Logan a lot. Basically ‘love bombing’ is where you give your child uninterrupted attention whilst they choose the activity you’ll both participate in. I have no idea what Logan will pick to do but I’m exited to see. It’s kind of fun to try and figure out what kind of thing he might want to do. Will we stay at home or leave the house? If we go out will we be catching a bus? If we stay at home will we be playing/watching a movie/reading/crafting?

I’ve not told Logan about this yet, I’ll tell him this afternoon when he’s done at school for the weekend. It’s weird but it’s kind of fun thinking I’ll be leaving how I spend my Sunday in the hands of a 5 year old. Stay tuned for a progress report on my first ‘love bombing’, thanks for reading and as always I welcome any comments, Cheers, John

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