Top 5 chocolate-free gifts for Easter

playmobil easter eggs 2014There’s a new trend on the rise; people are buying toys/gifts for Easter instead of the traditional chocolate eggs. Last year I talked about this trend and it seems to be showing no signs of stopping. The latest thing I’ve noticed is that toy industry publications are starting to issue the same kind of ‘top 10’ and ‘top 5’ lists normally produced in the run-up to Christmas. Apparently the predicted ‘top toy’ for Easter 2014 is the aqua dragon dino egg which we actually stock at Fun Junction (so that’s a nice surprise).

With this in mind I thought I’d tell you about some of the other ‘crackingly’ eggcellent toys which might go down well for Easter 2014:

wow easer egg 20145) Wow’s ‘Chirpy Chick’ egg: This is a new addition to the Easter-themed gift selection this year and it’s very useful for a couple of reasons. For starters it’s great to be able to provide children younger than five with an Easter-orientated toy. On top of that it’s great to have an option for little ones which doesn’t involve handing them an egg the size of their head only to take it back and ration it off over the coming days. This way they get a gift and they can keep it for the duration, no worries about tooth decay at all.

4) Games: This might sound strange but bear with me. More and more families are using Easter as an excuse to get together and in some cases head off on holiday together. With this in mind it seems to make sense that you might want something for the family to do once you’ve got them all gathered together. Although games aren’t specifically Easter-themed I’ve certainly noticed a lot more holiday makers popping into the shop to pick up something to keep kids occupied (especially on the rainier days we’ve had so far this holiday). Some family bonding seems as good a reason as any to go for something more box-shaped than egg-shaped as an Easter present. Here’s s selection of the games you can get at fun Junction.

3) Outdoor activities: This is on the list for almost exactly the same reason as games: it’s something to do. On the drier days of the holidays (and we’re lucky enough to have had a few of them recently) it’s great to get the kids outside: balls, buckets and spades, frisbees, outdoor explorer kits, we’ve been seeing all of these having a dramatic boost over the holidays and anything that a kid could pop outside and play with would be a great alternative to chocolate.

2) Playmobil (pictured above): This is an old favourite and to be honest I think they’re one of the first toy companies to have come out with an egg shaped pack. The really great thing about the playmobil eggs is that there are more than just one type of playmobil egg available. Each egg comes with a figure and some accessories. Every year they bring out something different too, a quick glance at the Playmobil eggs that we’ve got left in the shop includes a fairy, a biker, a top agent and a native American with animals. They’re a great alternative to yet more chocolate at Easter and I know at least one five year old boy who’ll enjoy getting one. (when Playmobil eggs are in season you’ll be able to pick some up by clicking this link)

aqua dragon jurassic dino egg1) ‘Aqua Dragon Jurassic Time Travel EGGspress’: As I’ve already said, this is being touted as the ‘top toy for Easter’ and to be honest it’s easy to see why: it’s simple and gets you set up with your very own set of ‘aqua-dragons’ (tiny crustaceans which hatch from dried eggs when placed in water). The life-cycle of an aqua-dragon is 45-60 days so it’s a nice introduction to the responsibilities of having a pet. Something that’s definitely a step away from yet another chocolate egg.

As I’ve already said I talked about this trend of toys for Easter a while back and it doesn’t seem to be showing any sign of stopping. I wonder whether anyone out there has a problem with it. Speaking as a parent I have to say I like the idea that my kids could get something nice for Easter that won’t leave them wound up like coiled springs (or make them sick with indulgence). I can already predict the kind of reactions that this shift in tradition might get though, including (but not limited to) pointing out how commercialised Easter is getting, that the ‘real meaning of Easter’ could be compromised by this shift, that a bit of chocolate never hurt anyone or even that Easter gifts at the very least have to be egg-shaped (unlike items 3 and 4 on my list).

I agree and disagree with these arguments in my own way but I’m more interested in seeing what you think. Is there something to be preserved in our Easter traditions? Has Easter ever really had a clear set of traditions (like Christmas does) or has it always been a bit harder to define as a holiday/celebration? and the last one (which is kind of a biggy) Is there anything inherently religious about the standing traditions of Easter or do chicks, eggs, bunnies, and egg hunts have more to do with the arrival of spring than anything? What do you think? As always I welcome comments on here (it makes it feel like my writing has been worthwhile), thanks for stopping by for a read and don’t forget to follow me on twitter to chat about toys, life and people. Cheers, John

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