Unusual and Interesting Books

vintage syle photograph book shelvesReading is ‘in’ now, in a way that it just wasn’t when I was a kid. Primarily thanks to Harry Potter, there’s now a huge portion of the population of kids reading regularly. As a result there are some writers/book series that have become famous, to the extent that it can be difficult to track down something that an avid reader won’t have heard of. With this in mind I thought I’d put together a wee selection of the less well known, but no less brilliant, books that we stock here at Fun Junction, there’s a fair age-range here so please take the time to scroll to the end of this post. Quick disclaimer: our Perth shop has a smaller book section than our Crieff shop so some of these titles might not always be in stock through in Perth (where web orders are processed), we’ll do our best though.

So without further ado here’s the list (in no particular order):

strange case of origami yoda‘The Strange Case of Origami Yoda’ by Tom Angleberger: This is the first in a series of books about a boy called Dwight, who has a little trouble making friends and who makes an origami Yoda finger puppet that hands out (surprisingly accurate) advice to his class-mates. This helps him develop friendships and build a circle of friends. It’s a great story overall but will go down especially well with kids who relate Dwight’s struggles (that’ll be a lot of kids, we all worry about making friends at some point). The books in this series are also designed to be really readable with heaps of illustrations and doodles to liven up the pages for children who might ordinarily struggle a bit keeping their attention up with ‘normal’ chapter books. You can grab a copy over here.


Man On in The Moon Simon Bartram Bob Bill ‘Man on the moon: A day in the life of Bob’ (by Simon Bartram): This book is another start to a series of books. Here we meet Bob who goes to the moon every day to keep it tidy for the tourists yet seems oblivious to the alien goings-on all around him. This is a great book for observation games and is just generally a lot of fun. Bartram has been pretty busy and has written a bundle of books with a similar whimsical look and feel which I’ll add to our web-site at a later date. In the mean time you can pick up a copy of ‘Man on the Moon’ here.


Traction man is here‘Traction Man Is Here’ (by Mini Grey): This is another whimsical and unusual picture book which has spurred on a resulting series of books. The main character is ‘Traction Man’ a super-hero-slash-action-man (toy) who gets into all kinds of unusual adventures in a way that would be similar to toy story if the style weren’t so different. There’s something comfortable and homely yet adventurous and exciting about the traction man stories that will definitely have kids coming back for more. I’ll get more Traction Man titles on our web site soon but you can get hold of a copy of ‘Traction Man is Here’ over here right now.


jake-7048‘Jake’s Bones’ (by Jake McGowan-Lowe): This is a brilliant book based on the blog of a twelve year-old naturalist and bone collector called Jake McGowan-Lowe. I came across this book when Jake did a talk about his book at our local library, my eldest son (he’s 5) loved it and has been raking under bushes for bones every time we’ve gone for a walk since. Jake seems genuinely passionate about his subject and this passion is clear to see in his book. And come on, how many twelve-year-olds have you heard of that are published authors? Here’s his twitter account, if you’re looking for help identifying a bone (he’s a very helpful young lad and my son Logan has already been clued in on the anatomy of a rabbit hip bone thanks to Jake’s twitter). I’ve added Jake’s book to our web site if you’re looking for a copy.


madame Pamplemousse incredible edibles‘Madame Pamplemousse and Her Incredible Edibles’ (by Rupert Kingfisher): This is another book that starts a series, in Rupert Kingfisher’s Madame Pamplemousse collection children will encounter many magical and peculiar adventures. In ‘…Incredible Edibles’ we meet Madeline who stumbles across the strangest little food shop you could ever imagine all prepared by Madame Pamplemousse, ingredients include T-Rex tongues, Great Squid Tentacle in Jasmine-Scented Jelly, Scorpion Tails in Smoked Garlic Oil and Pterodactyl Bacon. These books have a slight Roald Dahl feel with a French twist and are guaranteed to entertain any child. Here’s the link if you’d like to buy a copy just now (I’ll get more of the series added onto the web-site soon).


I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You Ally Carter‘I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You’ (Book 1 of the ‘Gallagher Girls’ series of spy academy books by Ally Carter): This next one is for older children/teens and it brings something quite different to the table. The Gallagher academy may claim to be a school for geniuses but all is not what it seems; for starters they get advanced martial arts in PE and extra credit for cracking CIA codes, the Gallagher academy is a school for spies. But what does a trainee spy do when she meets a boy she likes, all her training will be put to the test as she faces the difficulties of having a ‘normal’ relationship with a boy can never know the truth about her or her school. This is teen fiction with a very distinctive spin on it and is likely to appeal especially to girls who are a little tired of the typical high-school romance books that they’ll have encountered. As with the other book series mentioned I’ll add more of the Gallagher Girls series soon but for the time being you can get hold of a copy of book 1 by clicking on this link.


That’s just a small sample of the kind of books we try to keep in stock at Fun Junction, to be honest we have a lot of fun picking out new titles and we never really pay much attention to ‘top trending titles’ mentioned by our suppliers. We try to keep things fresh and interesting. I hope you got something out of this list and I’m always on the lookout for new titles to get into the shop so if there are any unusual/different books that have really stood out to you please let me know in the comments below (or over on twitter). As always thanks for reading, Cheers, John


4 comments on “Unusual and Interesting Books

  1. ksbeth says:

    i love all of these, they are right up my alley )


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