wpid-2013-05-08-18.07.13.jpgOn top of being a ‘toy shop guy’ I am also the author of the ‘Jack Reusen’ series of children’s books, you can find out more about the books at the official Jack Reusen website here, or take a look at my books over at my Amazon author page here.

I work for a company called Fun Junction, we have toy shops in Perth and Crieff in Scotland, this is the toy shop in ‘John the toy shop guy’. I have also spent nearly 10 years of my life studying and researching what it is that makes us the people we are (BAHons, MLitt, MPhil). I am also dad to Logan and Alexander who keep me on my toes and always seem able to provide me with material to put on here. My blog posts generally include elements from all these parts of my life: parenthood, the philosophy of self (my research topic up until a couple of years ago), and my experiences as a toy retailer. I hope you enjoy my posts and I always welcome comments.

I also write a blog about my sporadic writing schedule called ‘slow author’ which can be found here.

Image used for my avatar is Plato and Aristotle by -lokosuperfluoLEGOman- found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/lokosuperfluolegoman/6899556013/

6 comments on “About

  1. araneus1 says:

    Thank you for the ‘follow’, it’s very encouraging.
    My son spent some time in Ceiff working as a chef a few years back, he had a lot of fun.


    • John says:

      It’s no bother, home schooling has always fascinated me, I often felt that I learned more from my parents than from school and by the time I reached my teens I realised that all school was really good for was a social life. Where about did your son work when he was here? It’s a small world


  2. Hi John
    I wonder if you would be interested in a forthcoming report from a national charity on a literacy crisis as they are looking for bloggers to help raise awareness of it.
    If you are, could you drop me an email on kateonthinice@gmail.com and I can let you have more details

    Best wishes



    • John says:

      I’ve blogged on something similar previously and I’d be happy to participate in anything which raises awareness of the importance of literacy.


  3. I enjoyed the exchange on Austin’s post. Thanks for making me sound normal. An interesting blog you have here. I enjoy a philosophic toy box. I look forward to having a look around.

    Have a great day!
    ~ Audrey


    • John says:

      Thanks Audrey, you are more than welcome to have a look around here any time, and comments (and criticisms) are actively encouraged 🙂


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